6 generations

Indeed, the transmission of the Rostang family’s culinary know-how carries on for 6 generations. Son, grandson and great-grandson of famous gastronomy-lover cooks, Michel Rostang keeps up the family adventure for more than 30 years, a lifetime dedicated to the pleasure of a plentiful table.

Caroline and Sophie, his 2 daughters, get caught up in the game very young. For them, it was simply out of the question not to perpetuate the work of 5 generations of cooks while it was their father’s dream to work with them and to be able to engrave “Rostang Père & Filles” on his restaurants’ front window. Thus this inescapable hand-over has been implemented progressively and naturally.

Michel & Marie-Claude

After an apprenticeship at the Ecole Hôtelière in Nice and trainings at Lasserre & Lucas Carton in Paris and Laporte in Biaritz, he joins the family restaurant in Sassenage (Isere region) from 1973 to 1978 to practice his talent.
The saga really starts in august 1978, when the Chef opens his eponymous restaurant in Paris and gets his first Michelin star in 1979, quickly followed by the second star in 1980.
His wife, Marie Claude, daughter of the talented Jean Féraud («Pique et Pierre» restaurant in Saint Martin le Vinoux), helps him to lead well his chef life: family, head chef & manager.

He also became the first Parisian Chef to create a « bistrot », le Flaubert, just across the corner of his gastronomic restaurant 25 years ago. This first experiment was a great success and has been followed since by plenty other openings in Paris. Today, there are 6 Rostang Père & Filles restaurants: the Michelin stared restaurant: Michel Rostang (Paris 17ème, France), two fish & seafood restaurants: Dessirier (Paris 17ème, France) and Jarrasse (Neuilly-sur-Seine, France), one traditional bistrot: le Bistrot d’à côté Flaubert (Paris 17ème, France), one modern bistrot, inspired by travels around the world: l’Absinthe (Paris 1er, France), one French Brasserie: Rostang (Atlantis The Palm Hotel, Dubaï, UAE).

Caroline & Sophie

The expansion of the business wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Caroline and Sophie, Michel Rostang’s two daughters, who one by one have decided to join this great family adventure.
Caroline is in charge of managing the group, whereas Sophie looks after human resources, communication and the day-to-day running of the 5 “Rostang Père & Filles” restaurants.

Now associated with Yann Lainé – Michel Rostang’s right hand man for the last 20 years who supervises all the restaurants’ kitchens – and with Nicolas Beaumann – the chef of the gastronomic restaurant - Caroline et Sophie, the 6th Rostang generation, ensure a future devoted to the theme of youth, dynamism as well as transmission to the family restaurants.